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Numerous individuals put stock in destiny. They have confidence in the way that everything
occurs which is as it should be. Others don’t. They have confidence in freedom of thought
and in the idea that your activities direct your own future.
As I read the Sophocles Trilogy, it truly raised the subject of destiny for me. I frequently
considered around evening time whether our lives are foreordained. I contemplated
whether my future was at that point unchangeable and I read numerous tales about things
occurring for an explanation and that nothing was an occurrence. This drove me to begin to
trust in things occurring which is as it should be.
Yet, then, at that point this idea lead to another train of inquiries. In the event that
everything occurs for an explanation, for what reason do terrible things occur. For what
reason do things like malignant growth, ebola, AIDs, and HIV exist? For what reason do
individuals get killed and for what reason do individuals get these ghastly illnesses? I truly
fail to really see how things like being mishandled, killed, or getting a disease can occur
which is as it should be. I think that its difficult to have faith in destiny since that would
imply that terrible things could happen to you and there is no way to stop it. As far as I
might be concerned, that is inconceivably unnerving. Is it just misfortune that makes destiny
nail this stuff to you? Or on the other hand is it something different?
On the off chance that two individuals are bound to be together, would the universe battle
for the two spirits to be with each other? Will it take the necessary steps for these two
individuals to wind up together? A few things are simply excessively bizarre and excessively
solid to just be fortuitous events, so it should be destiny. On the off chance that two
individuals are destined to be with each other, does that imply that they will wind up
together? Could anything at any point impede their future together? At the point when
individuals say that “if it’s intended to be, it will be”, do they really accept that that is valid
or is it’s anything but a notion. Assuming you love somebody and you let them go, and they
later re-visitation of you, is that predetermination attempting to unite you both back? Or on
the other hand is it simply chance that unites you back?
Be that as it may, then, at that point I read articles and anecdotes about choosing your own
future. Aren’t individuals expected to make their own destiny? Is that not what is the issue
here? Carrying on with your life, doing every one of the things that you need to, and in this
manner making your futureā€¦ If destiny genuinely does exist then, at that point are our
decisions not our own? I additionally pondered about how an individual changes and
develops if their destiny stays as before their whole life. When destiny exists, would that
mean choice is nonexistent? Could both destiny and unrestrained choice exist together? Or
on the other hand is it a some sort of thing.
Another inquiry that stuck toward the rear of brain, continually messing with me was in the
event that I had the chance to see my destiny (as in how my life would work out, who I
would wed, what my work would be, what difficulties I would confront, how I would pass
on..) could I truly need to? In the event that I did and I discovered put that something awful
would happen to me, wouldn’t I simply be living in consistent dread, realizing that this load

of horrendous things WILL happen to me one day? Wouldn’t it be better, for the prosperity
of my psyche, for me to simply stay oblivious of my destiny and leave it as one major
excursion that I need to go on? Yet, imagine a scenario where I need to know about what
occurs in my future so I can intellectually plan and support myself for it. Could that be
Now, I am truly uncertain about whether I really trust in destiny. As I read an ever increasing
number of things with conflicting feelings, it is making my own assessment become tangled.
On occasion, destiny sounds truly strange and different occasions it sounds conceivable.
That is to say, once more, assuming destiny really exists, for what reason do terrible things
The greatest inquiry of for me is assuming destiny really exists, what occurs on the off
chance that we are bound to come up short. It is safe to say that we should simply
acknowledge our destruction and live with it? What happens if our destiny drives us to our
own defeat? Is there any way we can turn around this? Or then again is that it; were we
conceived just to kick the bucket?


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